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This website serves as a way to reach back to readers who were inspired by Racing My Father and Flying Change and now hopefully Racing Time.  I hope the site serves two purposes: One, to open up dialogue on the three books for which I have received many heart-warming letters. Two, to expand the reach of the books beyond those interested in horses.


Racing My Father is directed at the general readership – readers who have never touched a Thoroughbred or seen a steeplechase race – as well as those whose lives revolve around horses. Flying Change is targeted at those readers who are devoted to their families, who have struggled to define the fine line between what’s possible and what’s impossible, and who have returned to a childhood passion after years of watching from a distance.


Enjoy the photographs of my father in his heyday as the talented and renowned steeplechase jockey, A.P. “Paddy” Smithwick.  Gallop through the images of my youthful apprenticeship with my father while I begin to branch out into the world of writing. Explore the illustration of my love and admiration of my wife, Ansley, and three children, Paddy, Andrew, and Eliza and embark on the roller-coaster ride depicted in Racing My Father and Flying Change of my life as a son, an author, a jockey, a teacher, a husband, and a father.


Thank you for visiting.  To comment, or order personally inscribed books, contact me directly at I’ve given talks/readings/signings up and down the East and West Coasts, and throughout the Midwest, and am ready and willing to pack up and head to the airport at a few week’s notice.


Patrick Smithwick

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